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St Mary's Cathedral


St John's Church


Martyrs of Uganda Church



The church building was completed on 18 of October 1964 under the stewardship of Msgr Dettmer. The parish priest at the time was Fr Holley and by the time the community had a church to worship in, the community received two new pastors in the form of Frs Wienand and Alcaster. The diocese was under the leadership of Bishop Joseph De Palma in those years. Other priests who served the parish of Nonzwakazi were Fr Jerry SCJ, Fr Joseph Potocnack SCJ (who served as a priest under Bishop De Palma), Fr Adam Musialek SCJ, Fr Chris Grzelak SCJ, Fr Peter Surdel SCJ, Fr Paul (Zdzislaw) Koscielny SCJ, Fr Marek Przybys SCJ and is currently served by Fr Douglas Sumaili (since 6 February 2011).


At Uganda Martyrs during the time of Father Alcaster and Father Wienand, floor tiles were being laid down by a catechist with the name of Ben Ntoeba. He was being paid by the church when Father Holley came and told him that there was no more money to pay him and that if the congregation still needs him, they would have to pay him themselves. It was then that Ben Ntoeba left De Aar to settle in Postmasburg.


 During the time of Father Alcaster and Father Gabriel, Sunday Masses used to start at 3 pm. Active groups and societies included St Anne’s Women League, Sacred Heart Sodality (both male and female), Justice and Peace, Adult and Youth choir and a youth group.


In 1980, a very kind and humble man of God named Father Joseph Potocnak came to De Aar and with him in 1986, the church choir went to Radio Xhosa in King Williams Town.


In 1993 Father Adam came and he was working with Sr Pauline Maponyane. Father Mark succeeded Father Paul and served for a short period. After Father Mark came Father Douglas who is our pastor today. (2017)

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