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St. Ann’s Church


The similar situation as it is in Britstown applies to St. Ann’s Church in Hanover, where for decades this community was and is served from De Aar. As a small-town community located in the African location enjoyed the presence of priest only on Sundays and major feast days. At the beginning of the existence of this community, the Eucharist was celebrated at the Mali family’s home for a few people who attend the Sunday services. The first pastor who wanted to develop this area was Fr. Joseph Potocnak SCJ. Later the Eucharist was celebrated in the old Anglican Church building on irregular bases for a very small community. When the number of Catholics increased the Eucharist was celebrated every second Sunday, which gave some hope for the better future.  After Fr. Joseph’s mother died he inherited some money from her and got permission from Bp. Joseph De Palma to begin preparing side and plan for the new church building. The church was named after Fr. Joseph’s mother name: Anna.  The inauguration and blessing of the St. Ann’s church took place in 1988 with the great joy and excitement of the local community. It looked that even the number of Catholics. The membership increased for a short period of time, but unfortunately, with the deaths of many members and lack of leadership in the church’s community, the membership slowly was going down. The unification of the people who moved to Hanover from Hanover Station in 1999 did not help to sustain the number which was expected at the beginning of this project.  With the effort made by all the priests working in Hanover the community deteriorated to four St. Ann’s Sodality members, two youth and few children. It is sad that on the 50th Jubilee of the Diocese we are afraid that maybe the future of this community will have a similar ending as the Holy Family Church in Straidenburg, which was devastated by the locals and had to be sold in the rundown stage.

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