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Church Services

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During COVID-19 please get information about Masses and Adorations from the local priests.

Thank you


The Diocese of De Aar is very large in area 67248 km2, located in the centre of South Africa. There are only 165 500 people of which 6077 Roman Catholics. Most towns are between fifty and a hundred kilometres apart. Our priests and sisters travel great distances to serve our parish communities.


We try to be present among our people as much as it is possible to bring the Good News of Christ and to celebrate Sacraments especially Eucharist every Sunday in all towns where the Roman Catholic Communities are present. The pastoral team have been conducting instruction programs before marriage, first communion and confirmation.


The education in the faith has been important for our people. It ensures that the faithful keep their own identity and at the same time grow in their respect for others who believe differently, as we are working in multicultural and multi-religion society. Sisters assist our priests in training leaders and educating the laity. Small Faith Sharing and Prayer Groups as well as Sacred Heart, St Ann’s and Saint Vincent de Paul Sodalities are active in the diocese, which also helps our people to give them a sense of belonging to our Roman Catholic Church.

Holy Week 2019

Holy Week 2019

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Sunday Mass at 12:00 Afrikaans


St Francis 

Sunday Mass at 11:00 Xhosa

Thursday Mass 16:00 Xhosa

Adoration on Wednesday at 17:00

St Joseph

Sunday Mass at 10:00 Afrikaans

Wednesday Mass at 18:00 Afrikaans

Adoration on Friday at 17:00


De Aar

St John

Sunday Mass at 8:00 English

Tuesday - Friday Mass at 17:00 (S) 16:30 (W) English

Saturday Mass at 10:00 English

Adoration on Thursday and 1st Friday at 16:00


St Mary's Cathedral

Sunday Mass at 10:00 English

Tuesday - Friday Mass at 19:00 (S) 18:00 (W) English

Saturday Mass at 9:00 English

Adoration on Thursday 10:00 - 19:00

Uganda Martyrs

Sunday Mass at 10:00 Xhosa

Wednesday Mass at 17:00 (S) 16:00 (W)

Adoration on 1st Friday at 16:00

S - Summer Season   W - Winter Season



Mary Immaculate

Sunday Mass at 10:00

Tuesday Mass at 17:30 English

Wednesday Mass at 7:30 English

Saturday Mass at 7:30 English

Adoration on Tuesday at 17:00

Sacred Heart 

Sunday Mass at 8:30 English

Friday Mass at 17:30 English

Adoration 1st Thursday at 17:00

St Theresa

Sunday Mass at 11:00 Xhosa

Thursday Mass at 17:00 Xhosa

Adoration 1st Friday at 17:00



Sunday Mass at 13:00 Xhosa



Sunday Mass at 8:00 Afrikaans

Adoration on Wednesday at 18:00



Mass 2nd Sunday of the month at 13:00 English


Holy Spirit

Sunday Mass at 8:00 Afrikaans

Tuesday and Wednesday Mass at 17:30 Afrikaans

Maria Assumpta

Sunday Mass at 10:30 Xhosa

Thursday and Friday 17:00 Xhosa



Sunday Mass at 8:00 Xhosa/Afrikaans



Saturday Mass at 17:00 English

Sunday Mass at 10:30 Xhosa

Adoration on Friday at 18:00



Sunday Mass at 12:30 Xhosa



Sunday Mass at 11:30 Xhosa

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